Celebs that Look Like Yt Jesus

Hey there. In honor of Good Friday, and the truthful statement that Jesus was a dark-skinned Palestinian man, I would like to share with you some white men who look like dirty Jesus.

1) Jared Leto

Jared Leto could be white Jesus, if white Jesus had multiple sexual assault allegations against him.

2) Harry Styles

So Harry Styles is one of those dudes who looks like he smells bad but probably smells really good. He’s dirty Jesus without the beard.

3) Russell Brand

Now, Russell Brand could probably be white Jesus. He’s a pretty dope dude and talented comedian…plus God must be working in his life some type of way since he managed to get out of his marriage to Katy Perry that swiftly. Good for you Russell.

4) Orlando Bloom

I don’t know much about Orlando Bloom (I didn’t watch Pirates of the Caribbean). But he looks like white teenage angst dirty Jesus.

5) Chris Hemsworth

Lastly, we have Chris Hemsworth. He looks like dirty white Jesus if protein shakes existed during Jesus’s time.

I hope you enjoyed this short list of white celebrities who look like dirty Jesus; I think about this probably way more than I should. Happy Easter!