Fetty Wap? More Like Fetty Stop.

by Sonny Stephens and Fernando Torres

When Fetty Wap released “Trap Queen” we were introduced to an amazing artist with a unique look and artistry. “Trap Queen” captures the essence of popular rap with unique lyrics, clever references, and distinctive vocals. Fetty Wap’s breakthrough song quickly rose to the top of the Billboard Hot 100, peaking at number two this May.

The single was praised for its infectious lyrics and catchy hooks. It was a distinct departure from the stereotypical love song.

“679” and “My Way” soon followed and were met with similar enthusiasm and acclaim. The songs peaked at numbers six and seven, respectively, on the Billboard Hot 100. Fetty Wap even claims “679” to be his best song so far.

Frankly, we would have to agree.

Unfortunately for Fetty Wap, his self-titled album definitely did not fulfill the high hopes that we carried for such an amazing artist; someone who we consider to be one of the most relevant rappers of today. While others might argue that his album triumphantly showcases his skills, we found it to be a major let-down.

The album starts off with Fetty’s most iconic song, “Trap Queen,” which was a smart move. It got the listener hyped for the rest of his album.

As we continued to listen to Fetty Wap, we noticed that there was a striking lack of progression or variety among the songs.  What started off as a fun club album eventually fell into the realm of snooze-town. One of the last songs on the album, “Rewind,” is a fitting title because at that point in the album that’s all listeners want to do – go back to the upbeat bangers at the beginning.

While “679” is perfect for getting the party started, Wap’s other songs are better suited for a night of relaxation.

We were hoping that the next song would greet us with the bumping tune characteristic of “Trap Queen,” but instead we were met with mid-tempos and painfully slow songs. The recycled melodies, vocal progressions, and ad-libs had lost our attention by the end of the album.

By the end, it was evident that Fetty Wap is a one-trick pony. “Trap Queen,” “679,” and “My Way” are amazing tracks, and songs that we are more than willing to put on replay for hours. However, as far as variety in skill goes, it seems that Fetty Wap is no jack of all trades.