Getting what you need

by Joseph Zordan 

It’s April and as winter seems to be winding down (finally), campus seems very much to be doing the opposite. Facebook events are flying, panlists haven’t been this active since the beginning of the year, and while midterms may be over, finals are beginning to loom over all of us.  With everything happening it is incredibly normal for one to be stressed, in fact it’d possibly more strange if one wasn’t stressed.  While everyone, including myself, feel like now is the time to go to everything humanly possible, it is important to remember the “human” aspect of that sentiment.   

Remembering to take time for yourself is one of those things that may just seem like a cliché –  I mean who has time to spare here? But it’s important to evaluate where you are and how you spend your time. If you haven’t seen the daylight for 4 days, maybe it’s time to leave Bass. If you actually have gone to every Facebook event you said you were going to, maybe it’s time to miss one and catch up on a TV show you’ve neglected the past few weeks.  I know all of this is a lot easier said than done, trust me, but nonetheless it’s something that we should all remember and hear.  You deserve a break!

It is also important to remember that sometimes stress can cross the line into something that is more than stress. Whether it’s bringing back something old or brings you into something entirely new.  Regardless of what it may be, know that your mental health is important and that there a variety of resources to help you.

To begin with there is the ever present Yale Health.  While experiences differ significantly person-to-person, many people do make use of their services, myself included.  While this can be a rather big step for some, there is absolutely nothing wrong to reaching out for professional health.  Even if it’s just to rant about general aspects of life, a therapist visit can be very much worth your time.  

However, if your own experience with Yale Mental Health and Counseling has been less than stellar or you are seeking a more informal setting, there still remains a variety of other options on campus for support and outreach. Walden Peer Counseling is an easy to access service that is provided by other undergraduates.  Whether you make use of their anonymous hotline or walk-in space in Welch Entryway B in room A-05 between 8pm to 1am, Walden provides a very easy to use and more informal setting to sound off and destress. The Chaplains Office is also a great resource for Yalies from all different faith backgrounds (or no faith background)  and can be found in the basement of Bingham.  

No matter what you’re going through, know that there are support systems out here for you.  It may not always be the easiest thing to do and reach out, however, it is definitely worth it.  Whether it be a therapist, chaplain, or even a close friend, getting support when things aren’t the best is one of the best things you can do in that situation.  You deserve a break.

Numbers and Locations for Mentioned Resources:

Walden Peer Counseling

Number: 203-432-TALK

Location: Welch Basement, Entryway B, Room A-05


Chaplain’s Office

Number: (203)-432-1128

Location: Bingham Basement, Entryway D


Yale Mental Health and Counseling

Number: 203-432-0290
Location: Yale Health, Third Floor