Open Letter of Support from Yale Faculty

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To the Yale Community:

Recent on-campus events and related discussions between students and administrators highlight the longstanding and institutionalized inequalities that exist at our university. This history and its complex legacies will only be dispelled by critique, social commitment, and hard work at many levels of policy and practice. Calls for greater diversity do not by themselves resolve the experience of racism and devaluation, and maintaining silence about racial inequality on campus only exacerbates the problem. It is not for students alone to shoulder the many burdens of this work.

We, the undersigned members of the Yale faculty, affirm our commitment to creating an educational environment in which all students are able to thrive. We acknowledge that we have not yet collectively realized this central educational goal, nor have we fully recognized the vital contribution of faculty and students who are doing transformative scholarship on the histories and cultures of unrepresented and under-represented communities. We will continue to work with students, administrators, and our faculty colleagues to make Yale a place that respects and values all students and faculty of color.

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