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DOWN Magazine is a weekly online publication by and for students of color at Yale University committed to building bridges within this larger community as well as informing it.

Editor-in-Chief: Eleanor Pritchett ’19

Ellie Pritchett is a sophomore in Pauli Murray College majoring in African American Studies. She hopes one day to be paid to interview fancy people at fancy cafés, or at least to have a nice plant in her home and some time to read for fun.

Operations Manager: Arturo Pineda ’19

Arturo “Arty” Pineda is a sophomore in Silliman College. He is majoring in English (LOL) while doing Ethnic studies on the side. He loves to cook, and throw shade while cooking when he has time. He feels insecure about music taste so he just hides his favorite songs from everyone.

Voices Editor: Ashia Ajani ’19

Ashia Ajani is a sophomore Environmental Studies with a concentration in Environmental Justice and Food Rights and potential Ethnicity, Race & Migration double major in Timothy Dwight College. She is interesting in the ways that creative writing and art can be used to ignite social change. Her favorite drink is mango juice and she is relearning how to embroider. Her fingertips hurt.

Arts and Culture Editor: Joseph Zordan ’19

Community Editor: Laura Plata ’19

Staff Writers:

Katherine McCleary ’18 is Little Shell Chippewa Cree from the Crow Nation in Montana. She’s a junior history major focusing on the intersection of gender, sexuality, and race. She’s very involved in the Native American Cultural Center, and interested in Native law and methods of presenting Indigenous art.

Karen Marks ’19 is studying Ethnicity, Race, and Migration. Her interests include gender and sexuality studies and pop culture, and she hopes to become a successful creative writer. Her favorite meme is Waka Flocka saying “OK.

Azaria King ’20 is a student in Berkeley College at Yale. She plans to major in Political Science & Psychology, Neuroscience. She is from Battle Creek, MI.

Emily Almendarez ’20 is half Honduran and half Guatemalan and has no time for the patriarchy, racist hegemonic ideas, or pillars of Colonialism. Her intended majors are Ethnicity, Race, and Migration along with either African American Studies or Environmental studies. She is a closeted conspiracy theorist who collected the stickers on fruits growing up and currently has a very real obsession with the comic book hero Spiderman. She write with the intention of voicing issues of her community, as a Latinx, first generation daughter of immigrants.

Sohum Pal ’20 is a Cancer who enjoys critiquing racist nonsense, reading critical theory, retweeting Sappho, and punching Nazis. He is a student in Branford College, and writes on race, ethics, and academia.

Haylee Kushi ’18

Nicole Chavez ’19

Secretary:  Lindiwe Mayinja ’19 is a student in Silliman College. She majors in Psychology but lowkey wishes it was Film and Media Studies. In her free time, Lindiwe enjoys making too many commitments, singing along to Justin Bieber, and crying while watching sad movies.


Stop by one of our weekly meetings every Friday at 4pm, at the Native American Cultural Center on High Street.

DOWN is a student publication registered with the Yale College Dean’s Office. DOWN Magazine is published by Yale College students, and Yale University is not responsible for its contents. All opinions expressed are those of the authors and do not reflect the views of DOWN Magazine or Yale University.