Release Melecio Andazola Morales from detention

Melecio Andazola Morales is a father to 4 children, the youngest of whom is only 2 years old. He has been living and working in the U.S. for nearly 20 years. He has contributed to solidifying the fast-growing infrastructure of the Denver area, working on the construction of the Denver Coliseum, the Denver Airport, and the booming housing market. He’s helped Colorado grow.

In 2017, Melecio’s daughter Viviana, a current senior at Yale, petitioned for Melecio to obtain permanent stay. Upon arrival to the Citizenship and Immigration Services building in Denver, Melecio was separated from his daughter and his lawyer. Isolated, he was not allowed to speak with either of them until ICE arrived, by which point he had already been detained. The government alleged that Melecio had an expedited removal proceeding but failed to show representative proof. Melecio has anxiety, and does not have access to medication.

He has no criminal record, and his children are all U.S. citizens.

Yesterday, October 12, agents detained Melecio and transferred him to the ICE Denver Contract Detention Facility in Aurora, CO. We are asking that Melecio be immediately released and reunited with his family.

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