Things to Protect Like Your Virginity

DOWN asked an assortment of Catholic Latinas what things should be treated with the respect as sexual virginity. DOWN then asked Catholic Latinx students how they treat those same items.

Your car
“I give all my friends free rides in my car. At least 3 people are in there at any time. The car rides vary in length; some are 5 minutes and others are hours.” – Rosario

Your wallet
“I lose my wallet every other week: sober or drunk. Sometimes strangers find it on the
Street, and return it with some stuff missing.” – Lupita

Your glasses
“I have taped broken glasses up so many times to give the impression of being
Unbroken. No one notices they are broken” – Elisa

Your phone
“I throw my phone against the wall, on the floor, on the bed, and at people occasionally.
The really smart ones catch it.” – Cesar

Your school books
“I sell my schoolbooks for dirt cheap at the end of semester. Sometimes I give them away to close friends for free. They are always so happy” – Jose

Your passport
“My passport has seen so many different stamps. It is covered in French, US, and Swiss stamps. Italy wouldn’t give me a stamp.” – Carlos

Your money.
“I am pretty stingy with money but when I blow it, I blow it on a shopping spree. The mall,
the shopping outlets, department stores, and so on. I usually do it over a 3 day period.” – Lucy

Your virginity.
“Once you lose it, you can’t get it back. You will NEVER be the same. Never. Love you” – Latina Mom