Graduate Student Letter of Solidarity

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Dear Members of the Yale Community,

In light of recent events the last week, we have seen Yale undergraduates come together to express their anger, frustration, and sadness over the unsafe environment that Yale has created for students of color. These protests are not only about the events of the last week, but also about students of color demanding real change from Yale University regarding racial and gender justice.

As members of the Yale community we have borne witness to the racial and gender inequality that is persistent at Yale, and the administration’s inaction to make concrete changes to fix these problems. As graduate students at Yale, we stand for racial and gender equality on campus, and continue to call on the administration to promote tenure-track faculty of color hiring, to retain these faculty of color, and create a diverse student body in the graduate school.

For these reasons, we, the undersigned members of the graduate school, stand in solidarity with the undergraduate students of color on campus in their continued fight for racial and gender justice on campus. We stand by them as they make their demands to the administration, and support their acts of protest.

Written by Randa Tawil and LiLi Johnson